Add Bill Bixby to the Emmy Hall of Fame

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This is a petition to the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Emmy Hall of Fame voting board, regarding the next voting session to take place this summer, in support of adding Bill Bixby to the esteemed list of Honorees. It is the assertion of the author of this petition, and all the undersigned, that Mr. Bixby more than meets the criterion for induction to the Emmy Hall of Fame. That criterion being, those persons who have made outstanding or extraordinary contributions in the arts, sciences or management of television, based upon either cumulative contributions and achievements, or a singular contribution or achievement. Mr. Bixby worked for 3 decades, as a pioneer television actor, director and producer. His shows were the type that entire families could watch together. Despite many personal tragedies, he lived the adage the show must go on. This man deserves his place among the many other esteemed honorees marking his place in television history.