Add the Eucharist to the List of Items Prohibited for Sale on EBay

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Add the Eucharist to the List of Items Prohibited for Sale on EBay

On April 11, 2005 EBay auction #6169851381 closed at $2,000. A transaction was arranged between a seller from Sloan Iowa and a buyer from California--like the many exchanges that occur on EBay every second of the day. However, this was no ordinary transaction. The seller had on the auction block a Host that was consecrated by His Holiness John Paul II.

We as Catholics firmly believe Jesus words in John 6. We believe that in that $2,000 auction is the Body Blood Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ truly present in every Holy Eucharist. We are not impressed by the sellers description of the Bread of Life as a COLLECTIBLE or momento from that great afternoon with Pope John Paul II (poor spelling was the sellers). We are disgusted with EBays Pontius Pilate response: However, even though these auctions may be offensive to some, please
remember that most of the time the law does not prohibit the items. EBay continues by putting the Holy Eucharist in the same category as Catholic relics of saints, LDS garments, certain Buddhist tablets, etc. However, eBay has made the decision not to prohibit any item only the basis of the item being endowed with sacred properties by
certain religious groups. This is a further outrage considering that certain Nazi items are not allowed. Jesus Body can hit the auction block in EBays worldview, but Nazisthats offensive!

EBay must act now to halt future sales of Holy Communion on its auction site.