Liberty and Justice for 58 Border Collies In Need

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    Munford,TN Govenor and Mayor
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Help Save 58 Helpless Dogs from Certain Death!

I am writing today in concern to 58 Dogs found in Munford TN. owned by a self recognized breeder named Alan Connor.
We are trying to save the lives of 58 dogs/border collies in Munford, TN who are left out alone in a secluded area with little to no food, frozen water and human contact, exposed to the elements, disease and predators. Officials must charge the owner of these dogs with ALL the ordinances and laws that are being broken. PLEASE help and sign Our Petition. There is a more detailed ABOUT section in our Face Book Cause Page, ,including a ready letter you may be interested in printing and mailing to officials asking to save these 58 border collies. Sincerely, Ramona Silvia