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To Electronic Arts,

***I think everybody knows the whole storyI dont feel to repeat myself****

We (gamers, fans, consumers) are very disappointed by the way youre attacking different gaming companies. And Im shouting the word ATTACKINGbecause thats what youre doing! By all your acts in the last weeks, youre pushing us to declare a COLD WAR against you!

If you think the way youre acting is for the best of the consumer, youre wrong! We, consumers and gamers, like to have the choice to buy whatever the product isregardless of the companybut because of quality!

Exclusivity you say!???? Ill give you examples if we lived in a society without the right to choose and the right to declare whats quality and whats crap, US the consumers??

Can you imagine if we had to eat the same contaminated pizza from the guy who owns it? If we all had the same doctor who doesnt take care about the diseases? What if all our salaries would be paid by you, EA??? We wouldnt be paid overtime huh?

You should be ashamed of all the disgrace youre putting us thru! US the consumer

Were the ones who goes to the store and buy your products, were the ones who pays your salaries by buying your productsand you expect me to encourage you after you remove my right to decide which product to buy??????????????

Its time for us, THE CONSUMER, to show EA that Quality Gaming should not become an obligation, but it will always be a GAMER CHOICE!