Let LiveSmart Live!

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    Murray Coell, MLA for Saanich North and the Islands
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    BC Sustainable Energy Association
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WHEREAS we, your petitioners, are deeply concerned about the continuing rise in global greenhouse gases, and the dire threat that they pose to the future of our planets civilization and ecosystems, and our children, and

WHEREAS the Province of BC has made a legislated commitment to reduce BCs greenhouse gas emissions by 33\% by 2020, and

WHEREAS buildings produce 12-13\% of BCs greenhouse gas emissions, and

WHEREAS the LiveSmart BC program of incentives to encourage green and efficient building upgrades was very popular and successful,

WHEREAS building efficiency retrofits can stimulate the development of the new, green economy, through demand for skilled, local workers,

THEREFORE we do most urgently request that the government find new funding to continue the LiveSmart BC program.

We further request that government make a policy commitment to support a general efficiency upgrade to BC's building stock, and develop ways to leverage investment energy efficiency upgrades, through low-interest "pay-as-you-save" loans repayable through utility bills.