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With the development of Crysis 2 and the Crysis franchise's PC exclusivity resting on the success of Crysis Warhead, we must insure the future of the franchise and hardcore PC development that innovates and pushes gaming technology to its limits and gives us stunning technical achievements like Crysis, Half-life 2, Far Cry, Doom 3, etc.

The original Crysis sold respectively and has since passed 1.5 million copies internationally. However, this is disappointing when considering that it was the Windows Platform's most publicized and tracked game of 2007.

With the PC's huge install base, it is disappointing that its sales didn't remotely approach the levels of other platform exclusives like the Xbox 360's Halo 3. A quick search on the internet reveals piracy as the leading reason, with 15-20 copies pirated for every copy sold.

We pledge to combat piracy and to buy Crysis Warhead as soon as possible after the game is released, both to support Crytek and future developers who risk developing for our heavily pirated but expansive platform.