Bring back the old blood elves

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    Members of the Skinny Blood Elf Preservation Society
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Dear Blizzard,

It has recently been released that, due to beta-tester complaints, the blood elf male models for the upcoming Burning Crusade expansion have been modified. In an effort to steer away from them looking 'feminine they have had their muscle mass built upon, beefing up the model a fair bit in order to make them have a more strong imposing look that fits with the Horde.

Having seen screenshots and videos of these changes, many of us are not happy. We feel that a race that is magically inclined to the point of having no warriors does not need muscle mass to appear intimidating. We feel that the old models managed this feat well enough just by looking sly and cunning. We also feel that whilst many have dubbed the changes small, it sets an unfair and worrying precedent to associate slim with femininity and an even more worrying precedent to make changes based on complaints of people who hold these associations, especially when a great many of them feel the need to throw in gay terms as well. Judging by the fact that this one change has been followed by follow-up complaints requesting that animations, jumps and even the voice acting (provided by the awesome Cam Clarke) be changed, we feel that these people cannot be satisfied, but we can quite simply.

We realise that you have stated that all beta material is still subject to change up to the release date and that the models could be changed back. We would just like you to get a scope of the people who want them back.

In short, gief back our skinny, evil, arch blood elf casters plz.