Make id Software's game, "RAGE" rated "M".

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FANS OF ID SOFTWARE SPEAK OUT! The new IP/game "RAGE" from id Software is breaking with tradition by TAMING DOWN the level of GORE to the point of making the game rated "TEEN".

If you want id Software to make the game "RAGE" a mature/rated M game by including excessive gore that was present in their past games, please sign this petition. If you see this as id Software's way to appeal to a larger market and think the experience of the game will suffer as a result, please sign this petition. If you plan to not purchase this game when released due to this issue please make a note of it in your comments.


"We did make the decision that, 'Yeah, the game would probably be a little bit more fun with exploding bodies, but it won't kill us to keep it down at a T rating," - John Carmack