Request for a scheduled stop at old Batu Gajah train station

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    Batu Gajah residents
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Respectfully, we ask KTMB to consider having a scheduled stop at the old Batu Gajah station, a convenient location along the main road of Jalan Pusing with bus services, which had served its train travellers well for so many years.

Unfortunately for us, its replacement, the new multi-million Ringgit modern station has instead inconvenienced the train users. We would like to ask KTMB to listen to the pained voices of so many people who need to travel by train as well as many who wish to, but put off by the inconvenient location.

The new KTM Batu Gajah train station appears to be the pride of the town, but in actual fact, it has created untold miseries to those who need to use the train services.

If you have not already heard the complaints, we wish to highlight the main ones as follows:

1.Its location is actually not within walking distance from the main road, Jalan Tualang, compared with walking distance at the old station in Jalan Pusing.

The need for own transport or taxi service has meant special arrangement and additional costs of petrol or taxi fares of Rm8 just to get to the main road, or Rm15 to get to Jalan Changkat, and that is, only if there were taxis available. Just imagine anyone, especially a lone girl or woman arriving at night. The residents have so far seem resigned to the given situation and we do not think this is fair to them, having to accept a problem created by a new station built at great public expense.

The need to take a taxi would in effect undo the relatively cheap train fare of Rm10 Economy and Rm17 Superior for the BG-KL trip.

2. Lack of consideration for senior citizens and disabled persons.

Has any of the management staff tried walking up the high pedestrian crossing? Only those travelling south would find it convenient using the platform of the new station. Coming from the south, a disabled person using a wheelchair would face the formidable task of having to go a fair distance before he or she could be picked up by someone using a car. This problem could be solved if only there is a scheduled stop at the old train station.

We sincerely hope KTM could be a good corporate citizen by listening to the people, having ignored their pleas before the planning and construction of the new station.