Biker Mice From Mars onto DVD

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To Whom It May Concern;

We'd like to introduce ourselves. We are huge 'Biker Mice From Mars' fans. We span from the USA, the UK, Australia, Holland, Finland, and other places the tv series was shown. Since the show only ran for three seasons and only the first season is out on VHS, we are requesting that all three seasons be put onto DVD and packaged as a collective unit. In other words, all three seasons on DVD for one price.

We'd like to see some special features on the DVDs, such as: To include Finnish and Dutch as language options; interviews with Tom Tataranowicz, Rick Ungar, Bob and Susan Forward, and the voice actors; perhaps a 'behind the scenes' sort of thing; picture gallery of the characters and their voice actors; and definitely the few episodes that were produced, but never aired of season 4.

There are many fans in this wild and wooley universe of ours. Fans willing to pay around $100 for all three seasons (+ special features & Finnish and Dutch language options). Speaking of which. The 'Biker Mice' always had good moral values and good one liners. Important items for anyone and everyone.

Please take this into very serious consideration. We are highly devoted fans and would love to see this cartoon take its place in the land of DVDs.

Ride Free!