Bring Mr. Sisley Back!

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    Mr. Richard Sisley
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On a dreary July morning in the year 2005, an unfortunate event occurred that shattered the lives and darkened the horizons of many young scholars at Polytechnic School. As they gallivanted innocently across the mountains of calculus, they were unaware of the ominous chasm that had opened suddenly in front, threatening to suck these young mountain goats into the darkness of dx, negative x, the square root and, o horror of horrors, cross multiplying. Indeed the unthinkable had occurred. Without warning the chief mountain goat, one Richard Sisley, was inexplicably separated from his loyal followers, transported by the draw of greener grasses to the new frontiers of Calculus in Virginia. And even as we speak, those unfortunate Polytechnic students are drifting into mathematical oblivion. O people of the world, we cry out to the deepest sympathies of your heart. Do not let these promising children wander without guidance. Join us in returning the noblest Richard Sisley to the friendly confines of Polytechnic School, to once again spread the enlightenment of mathematics. We ask only for a signature, for you to take a few precious moments to add your support to this crucial document which holds the future for so many young people. Only you can prevent the spread of mathematical darkness and the lack of deeper understanding! Sign Now!!