Petition to Increase Privacy Options for's Real ID Feature

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There's no doubt many people playing Blizzard's games are excited about the new Real ID feature.

However, this new feature is not without its problems.

We understand this feature is intended to be for real life friends to connect through Blizzard's games. However, there are people who would like to use this feature to add Internet friends, as it enables communication across all of Blizzard's games, no matter the character or game a person is playing.

Unfortunately, however, privacy options for this feature are virtually non-existent. The only way you can maintain a strong level of privacy is by refusing to add anyone. As a result, many people find using this feature undesirable, as it puts them at risk for revealing their real names to people they do not wish to discover such information.

Fortunately, this can be easily remedied by implementing one or both the following options:

1. Allowing people to conceal their real names with a pseudonym of some sort.
2. Allowing people to block whether or not friends of friends can see them on their friends' lists.

These two features would be easy to implement and would allow people to use the Real ID feature without compromising various aspects of their privacy.

By signing this petition, you hereby support the adoption of at least one of the privacy options listed above.

If you wish to support merely one of these options, or you would like to see even further privacy options implemented, you can elaborate using the comment feature on this petition.