Louisiana Crossbow Legalization

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In Louisiana today, hunters are not allowed to use a perfectly legal implement for the harvest of game animals. They are being told that, quite frankly, their rights as sportsmen and women do not matter.

Crossbows are legal in the state of Louisiana, but only for those 60 and older, or those who are physically handicapped. This is an unjustified and highly discriminatory act, and it is only happening because there are not enough people, like you, to support it.

Do you respect your rights as a hunter? Do you like being told that you cannot harvest your game animals with a implement that is already legal? Do you like having your rights as a hunter completely ignored?

If so, then we want you to sign our petition to allow crossbows for ALL hunters in the state of Louisiana.

But what if you dont live in Louisiana? Sign it anyway, as out of state revenue is an important factor in our Wildlife Commission. If you have even the slightest idea that you may someday hunt in the great state of Louisiana, we want you to sign this petition to stand up for YOUR rights as a hunter and/or outdoors person in the state of Louisiana.

Please understand, this is NOT a petition to get the crossbow into archery season but, simply a petition to have the right to hunt any and all game in all seasons, regulated by the state of Louisiana, with a crossbow. If muzzleloaders can have their own season, crossbows should, too.

We can get this done, but we need YOUR support. We dont need money. We simply need your signatures on this petition. In less than three minutes, you could be actively preserving your rights as a hunter.