Help save Jin Long Si Temple and the biggest and oldest Bodhi Tree in Singapore

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    National Parks Board, URA and LTA of Singapore
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We the undersigned would like to appeal to the National Parks Board, URA and LTA to help conserve Jin Long Si Temple and the biggest and the oldest Bodhi Tree in Singapore.

The Bodhi Tree is sacred to all Buddhist. The tree sheltered the Buddha from the elements during his quest for enlightenment and it is under the Bodhi tree that the Buddha attained enlightenment. Thus the Bodhi tree has come to symbolize the Buddha's enlightenment, his wisdom and compassion.

The Bodhi tree at Jin Long Si Temple, at 30.5m high and with a girth of 8.5m, is the biggest in Singapore and at the estimated age of over 100 years old, it is probably the oldest too. According to heritage tree expert and the 1st commissioner of Parks and Recreation Mr Wong Yew Kwan, the Bodhi Tree and Jin Long Si Temple have become so intertwined that the temple cannot be removed without damaging the roots of the tree, thus endangering the tree.

Jin Long Si Temple, at 65 years old, is also a unique piece of national heritage. It should be preserved, together with the Bodhi Tree, as a living monument for future generations of Singaporean.

We hope that the URA and LTA would reconsider their plans to demolish the temple. LTA has previously been willing to alter Braddell road to help save a 80 years old Angsana tree. We hope that URA and LTA would help preserve both the Bodhi tree and Jin Long Si Temple. Saving the Bodhi Tree and Jin Long Si Temple would send a strong sign to fellow Singaporeans and to the world that Singapore is ready to go beyond immediate material gains to preserving her rich historical heritage as she forays into a 1st world nation.