Remove Danny Bonaduce from The Adam Carolla Show

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    CBS Radio
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We the loyal listeners of Adam Carolla regret that we can no longer suffer the consequences of a poorly contemplated decision by of CBS radio to include THE NO TALENT, SELF ABSORBED, EGOMANIAC HACK, Danny Bonaduce on The Adam Carolla show. The rhythm of the show has been so degraded by Danny's constant interruptions that Adam can no longer engage in "The Adam Rant" without Danny destroying the topic with an interjection about how he has done the same thing or how everyone should relate to him. It has forced a majority of listeners to stop listening on a regular basis. Instead, we return intermittently to see if Danny is gone and then leave yet again. Many of us will move to satellite as a means to find decent programming.

The Adam Carolla Show is about ADAM. The shtick he does is what makes the show great. The Rant, 1800s guy, What Can't Adam Complain About... It is Adam's wit that brought us to FreeFM to listen. Danny will be the reason we leave and do not return.

These are our wishes.

Please replace Danny with ANYONE who can be a sidekick to Adam. Someone actually has wit and knows when to use it. Someone who does not interrupt or think that the show should be about them. We come to your station to listen to Adam. We are leaving in droves because we cannot stand Danny.