Save the Orleans Ave Bonfire

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    New Orleans City Council, NOFD, NOPD
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The people of New Orleans and of Mid City have spoken and we are overwhelmingly in favor of protecting one of this city's greatest traditions, The Orleans Ave Bonfire. We are against the selective enforcement of the fire code without being informed of this plan within a reasonable time frame so that the citizens can work with the NOFD, NOPD, the City Council, and the Mayor in order to obtain any necessary permit.

Furthermore, we express our resolve to see that our cherished event, that means so much to so many, is allowed to take place this New Years Eve, December 31st 2008, as it has every New Years Eve for decades without any major incident having ever occurred.

Let us Celebrate The Bonfire on Orleans Ave, our friends, our family, our good health, our cheer and our life in New Orleans lest we have none that remains other than the negative, sterile, boring existence that you wish to impose.