No Plea Bargain for Vicious Murderer of 18 Year-Old

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    Summit County Prosecutors Office, Ohio
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Petition to Demand a Trial

On May 11, 2004, eighteen year-old Maxim Dudinov was brutally and savagely beaten to death in his own apartment in Akron, Ohio by Andre R. Smith. Smith was allegedly Maxs friend. Without provocation Smith attacked and murdered Max with multiple blunt force traumas to the head. Max's mother went over his apartment to check on her son and found him sitting in his chair destroyed. The investigating Detectives, the Summit County Crime Scene Unit and the Summit County Medical Examiner all concur that this was the most horrific and brutal crime scene they had ever witnessed.

Smith fled the scene and avoided capture for nearly seven months until the Akron Police Department found enough evidence to finally arrest him in January 2005. Andre Smith was formally charged with murder, aggravated murder and tampering with evidence offenses which carry with them a potential life sentence.

The Summit County Ohio Prosecutors Office is now strongly considering foregoing a trial of this brutal killer and accepting a plea bargain agreement to a lesser charge than murder, which would have Smith out of prison and a free man in 15 years. The evidence and statements gathered in this case are strong enough to go to trial however, the prosecutors office would prefer to reslove this matter with the least amount of publicity possible possible. This is morally and ethically unacceptable. Your signature will have great influence on the Summit County Prosecutors Office. By signing this petition I hereby request that:

1) No plea bargain be struck in case # 2005-01-0099
2) That Andre R. Smith is brought to stand trial and face the full penalties that the State of Ohio has for the crimes which he committed.