Bring back Boombox on Sirius

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    Sirius Radio
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Sirius Radio needs to bring back the channel known as "Boombox" (formerly Boombox 34 and most recently Boombox 39). This channel provided the most unique listening experience on Sirius radio and was truly a champion of diversity. The current channel lineup, most likely due to the XM/Sirius merger, is lackluster. We would like to encourage others to urge Sirius to either bring back Boombox or drastically overhaul Alt Nation so that it's not the boring alternative music they are currently playing, but truly something alternative, which is what Boombox delivered. It is my understand that Liquid Todd has a show coming up on Alt Nation, which is a huge step in the right direction, but a single show is not enough. We demand the diversity that Sirius promises, and that's what Boombox offered!