Pull Blood On The Dance Floor from the 2011 Warped Tour Lineup

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    Warped Tour 2011 attendees, concerned parents, fans of true music
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"Mothers Against Brokencyde and our supporters wish that the promoters and organizers of The Warped Tour reconsider their decision to allow acts such as 'Brokencyde' and 'Millionaires' to perform as part of their travelling youth oriented/targeted festival. The Warped Tours primary audience is young teenagers well below the legal age, and is promoted as a "safe" festival that parents need not worry about letting their children attend. However, musical acts such as 'Brokencyde' and 'Millionaires' flamboyantly promote and encourage illegal underage pornography from their young female fans, underage drinking/"getting crunk", rampant drug use, racist and homophobic hate speech, overt public sexuality, as well as the continued artistic degradation of popular music through generic mindless exploitive dribble.

Acts like 'Brokencyde' continuously and casually tell very young teenagers to participate in things that are not only morally atrocious given their target audience, but to do things that are wildly illegal and could have serious legal consequences. Outside of the obvious drug and alcohol laws, teenagers can end up with a sex offender record for distributing or creating naked photos of other teenagers via cell phones. Young teenage girls will be pressured into performing sex acts in public during 'Brokencydes' set. The Organizers of The Warped Tour cannot allow an act who knowingly desires and prompts this kind of behavior from their fan-base to participate in a festival of this magnitude and exposure.

We strongly encourage The Warped Tour to retain its focus on independent musical ARTISTS who wholeheartedly push and explore the many facets of independent music rather than flash-in-the-pan cheap exploitive gimmick acts formed by self-serving pathetic sad and grotesque individuals who's sole goal is to exploit children."

*The paragraph above was written by Mothers Against Brokencyde, however, all the things said above also apply to Blood on the Dance Floor, who are scheduled to play the 2011 Warped Tour.

Members of Blood on the Dance Floor have also had allegations of raping a 16 year old girl.

We trust the Warped Tour management will take this petition into account.