Aliens vs Predators III (AvP3) - The Brothers Strause for directors

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    20th Century Fox film corporation and Colin & Greg Strause
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As you are aware, The Alien and Predator film franchises are home to two of the most iconic movie monsters and human characters to ever grace the Science-Fiction Horror genre and rightly so both sets of movies have massive global fan followings.

While 'Alien vs. Predator'(2004) and 'Aliens vs. Predator - Requiem'(2007) were both successful at the box office, it is the opinion of many fans that the latter did a better job of representing both creatures and had better story to it which both respected the original movies and compensated for the mistakes of its predecessor. Requiem also had an R rating which meant it did not have to cut away from the gore and true fans could experience a movie of the same tones as the originals.
Despite a small budget, the creatures were taken back to their roots in 2007 where the Aliens are at last scary again (and did not shy away from killing man, woman or child) and 'The Wolf' predator (arguably the best thing about Requiem) was a true example of what can come to life when you follow in the vein of previous success!

The Brothers Strause saved the AvP franchise and would be ideal candidates to make a third installment with a futuristic space setting involving colonial marines. Given that 'Aliens vs. Predator - Requiem' was a commercial success, we the Undersigned, feel that 20th Century Fox should greenlight another AvP film in the near future and should allow the Strauses to carry on what with they started. Fox took a chance on these two first time movie directors when they signed them up to helm AVP2 and they delivered the goods we believe Fox should stick with this winning combination rather than hand our beloved franchise over to somebody else who could potentially ruin them for good!

As well as respecting the previous films and paying a number of homages to them (which is always fun for fans) the brothers also proved that they could successfully inject new ideas and vision into the Aliens and Predator onscreen Universe (without demystifying the creatures too much) with additions such as the PredAlien, new Predator weapons, a new take on Alien breeding methods and the addition of seeing the Predator homeworld.
As an added bonus The Brothers are experienced special effects artists with their very own visual effects company-Hydraulx and as was the case with Requiem could once again create visually stunning effects that would enhance a viewers experience of the feature.

Lastly the Brothers have already created a bridge between the AvP franchise and the Alien movies with their setup of humans using Predator technology for their own gain, it is only right that we get to see where they go from here

We would greatly appreciate it if 20th Century Fox made another Alien vs. Predator film and pursued Colin and Greg Strause to direct it. In order to show our support as well as proof of the global demand for at least another film in the series along with our desire for the Brothers Strause to consider directing, we have voiced our opinion in this petition.