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Petition to fire Brian Frons

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With the recent interview of ABC daytime actress, Ilene Kristen, confirming what many ABC daytime viewers have long believed is the root of the problems that are plaguing the entire daytime drama line-up, coupled with ABC daytime president Brian Frons arrogantly declaring that viewers needed to be trained like dogs to accept his vision of the shows, it has become obvious that Brian Frons is a problem that needs to be removed from his position at once.

From the moment Mr. Frons took over his position as head of daytime viewers quickly noticed a change and it wasn't a positive one.

Mr. Frons has become infamous for his many ill-thought out and unsuccessful promotional schemes. One of his more infamous ones was declaring for the ABC soap opera, All My Children, he was going to give women what they wanted. His idea of giving women what they wanted was to objectifying many of the actresses on the show by having them lounging around in lingerie.

Another of his stink-bomb PR ideas was to put out a book about a serial killer and have the story being told concurrently on the ABC soap opera. Only problem was that show already had a serial killer story going on that was compelling and had to be dropped to accomodate his serial killer story which stunk like day-old diapers and that ultimately was a total flop.

In an interview he did he made derogatory comments about Kathy Brier, a OLTL actress who is overweight, in which he declared that because she was overweight she wasn't attractive. When he was turned in for his comments, he was forced to issue a public apology for his comments.

In another interview he carried on in an inappropriate manner over the character actress Alicia Leigh Willis played on General Hospital. He basically came off as an old lecher lusting after a girl half his age. No professional businessman would ever carry on in such an inappropriate manner such as Mr. Frons did.

His latest idea is firing long time veterans on the show to pay for the actors that are his personal pets. Actress Julia Barr was fired and neither her or her fans were accorded the respect to even see her given a last scene to explain why she was no longer on the show. And long time actor Stuart Damon got his walking papers right before Christmas.

These veteran actors play characters the viewers love and have loved for years, while the characters Mr. Frons is pushing are characters that many viewer don't even like.

Bottom line, in no capacity is this man fit to hold the job he holds. A good businessman gives their customers what they want, they don't try to force feed their customers something they don't want or like. With Ms. Kristen's comments that Mr. Frons is pretty much behind all the lousy, stupid and ill-thought out stories being told on the ABC soaps which are causing an even futher decline to ratings, for business reasons alone, this man needs to be removed from his position as soon as possible. A good businessman lets the people qualified to do such things as writing soap stories and deciding which characters should be focused on.

Brian Frons is a public embarrassment by his constantly inappropriate comments in the press. Brian Frons is costing the ABC daytime network untold money in lost revenues because of his bad judgment. Brian Frons is bad for business period.

The only way the soap operas on ABC daytime can be saved from the iron fist Brian Frons has wrapped around them and that is squeezing all the life out of them is by the immediate dismissal of Brian Frons as president of ABC daytime.