Boycott Ludicrous

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    Everyone who hates racists & people who support them! ****Ludicrous ***
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    Hip/Hop & Black community
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This past weekend (Feb 17 - 18th 2007) Ludicrous was performing at racist, Paris "Herpes" Hilton birthday party in Vegas. ****What the Fu\%&K **** How are you gonna call Oprah (a 53 year old successful woman) a sell-out because she doesn't like hip/hop. Yet, you show up at a white, racist's birthday party? Someone who calls black folks the n-word, called Jews hateful racist slurs, and yells chink (several times) to an Asian american. No, Ms. Paris Hilton was not using any of these terms affectionately.

Back to her birthday party where you were performing - Do you have any integrity!!!! There are pictures all of over the internet with you performing for her at this party, hugging on her, kissing her, and Paris dancing around you - this was disturbing!!!! It was nasty seeing you pushed up on 'Herpes' Hilton meanwhile her coochie bugs were flyin' all around her face like gnats on fruit. Should we call Michael Kramer, Andy Dick, David Duke and all the KKK organizations? Guess we should let them know your black azz is for sale. First, we should probably call the CDC.

People (especially black folks) Please boycott Ludicrous and any other black entertainers who goes near this racist, STD infested, overly rated, Arian nightmare. What message does it send to our community when you got white folks making hate videos and we continue to support them, peform for them, and give them 'shout outs'. Is the money really worth it? Ludicrous - you're up first. You've got money, fame, and Grammies. So, we know you didn't do this for $$$ or notoriety. You don't live under a rock. So, you can't say you knew nothing about her racist video. Hell, even people in Iraq have seen that mess.

Again, it must be repeated - There was no need for you to show up, jump up & down like a lil monkey for Paris. Couldn't you have waited until Paris made a half ass public apology? So, glad Hitler ain't alive cuz you'd probably perform for his ass too. (Damn shame) What does that make you? .... lemme guess - A SELL OUT!

Luda - when you finished smilin', dancin',coonin' and entertaining Paris, I'm sure she called you a "Stupid N-word" behind your back. That's what she calls black people. It's on the tapes! Those tapes are all over the Internet and on the news. Somebody send Luda a copy of those tapes with a banana fruit basket and some cymbals. Think 'Curius George' or Bubbles. You need to review those tapes with a clear mind.

PS Calling all KKK or white Arian hate groups! Ludicrous is for sale. He'll perform at your parties, pose pictures, sing and dance for you. Need a reference - call Paris Hilton. He might even let you put a noose around his neck if the price is right.