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A good friend of ours, Chris Burns is going through a very difficult situation right now. As many of you know, Chris is a teacher at Billerica High School, and has been coaching sports in town for the past 15 years since weve graduated high school. If you google Chris name, you will find out many of the things he has done to help make Billerica Lacrosse one of the top programs in the entire state. Year after year, Chris fields an extremely competitive team, but most importantly he has also done everything possible in his power to help the kids that play for him grow into young men.

To make a long story very short, after an important game this season, Chris had agreed to a friendly boxing match (with helmets and gloves) with one of the members of his team. The boxing match was of course a joke (the student was painted like a gladiator) and lasted about 15 seconds. However, one of the students took a video of the event with his cell phone, and somehow that video got into the hands of a vindictive parent that wants to use the video to blackmail Chris and the Billerica High School. The parents have told the superintendent of the school system that if Chris isnt fired that they will turn over the video to the press.
It is incredibly important not only to Chris, but to all of youth sports that Chris is not terminated from his coaching job. Parents ought not be able to run the athletics programs. Chris has an amazing character and aside from parents is the best influence that many of these children have. He truly feels obligated to help them not only on the lacrosse field, but also in life.

Below is a link to a quick article which reinforces the type of individual he is, and the success that he has had coaching.

Please sign this petition which will be sent to the Billerica School System to help Chris save the job that he loves!