George W. Bush Charged with High Treason for Complicity in the Attack of 911

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George W. Bush Charged with High Treason for Complicity in the Attack of 911

We, the people, demand that there be an immediate, independent, and thorough investigation into the following matters; and that the appropriate judicial actions be taken according to the U.S. Constitution.

Item #1 Intentional Delay of Counter Measures

Evidence shows that President George W. Bush was well apprised of the events of September 11, 2001 as they unfolded, and probably before; and that he intentionally neglected to respond with effective counter measures in a timely manner.  That he has been using the attack as an excuse to curtail freedoms is an established and well-recognized fact.  That he himself was complicit in the attack is an act of grave conspiracy.

As we might expect of a President of the highly technologically advanced United States, evidence supports that President Bush was in fact briefed about the events of that morning in a timely manner as they unfolded.  For example, an ABC news reporter asked him at approximately 8:45 A.M. if he knew what was happening in New York, and the President confirmed that he did.

Timeline documentation proves that he saw the second plane hit the second tower just before entering the classroom at Booker Elementary School at approximately 9:02 A.M. Then, at 9:05 A.M. he was told explicitly by his Chief of Staff, Andrew Card, that: "A second plane has hit the World Trade Center.  America is under attack."

Notwithstanding these absolutely clear visual and verbal communications announcing a most profoundly serious situation, instead of responding with focused attention on the matter at hand, the Commander in Chief of the country willfully chose to continue with the trivial event for at least seven more minutes, reading with a few children a book about a girl and her goat, while his fellow citizens were under attack and dying, and the country's military headquarters complex was in range of a third hijacked plane.

President Bush then lingered in the classroom with reporters following the completed photo-op event before his next briefing and subsequent address to the nation at 9:30 A.M.- a previously scheduled press conference.  Not until after 9:41 A.M. did he issue permission shoot down any remaining hijacked undeterred planes.  This order was issued after the attack on the Pentagon.

When he later responded to a reporter's question about that morning, he worded his response as though he saw the first plane crash just before he entered the classroom, implying that he did not yet know the gravity of the situation.  That was an intentional misrepresentation.  Footage of the first plan hitting the first tower had not yet surfaced.  The timing is such that it would have been the second plane that he saw, while the first tower was ablaze and billowing smoke.  Anyone with even a small degree of intelligence would know at that point that something gravely serious was afoot.

That he continued with his trivial photo-op under such horrendous circumstances is not mere negligence because it was not done in ignorance.

The President is the only one who holds the authority to authorize the shooting down of civilian air craft.  Had he done so in a timely manner, he could have possibly averted the second plane that hit the second tower of the World Trade Center.  He most certainly could have averted the third attack that hit the Pentagon more than thirty minutes later.  He did not do so, but instead intentionally delayed the possibility of such a response, and thus facilitated the unfolding tragic events on the morning of September 11, 2001.

Given the information that he had at his disposal that morning, and his purposeful neglect in acting upon that information, he committed high treason, according to the Constitution of the United States which he is sworn to uphold and defend.

Part of the reason an awareness of this crass duplicity has been suppressed is that the President convincingly conveyed to a panicked and trusting public the image that he was distracted with a previously scheduled engagement and that the gravity of the situation did not hit him until it was too late to take such necessarily gruesome measures.

Thus, his treason also carries a tremendous breach of public trust; which will reverberate far into the future.

Item #2  Insider Convergence

We, the undersigned, also request thorough investigation into who President Bush met with and what the nature of their conversation was at Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha, Nebraska later in the day on September 11, 2001.

Documented evidence shows that Warren Buffet, the second richest man in the world, a civilian, was at the base earlier in the day for a supposed charity event that was scheduled prior to Sept. 11.  It is probable that he and many of his invited guests were still there when President Bush arrived later in the day.

Anne Tatlock, CEO of Fiduciary Trust Co. International, was invited to that event and was en route to the base at the time the first attack took place on the first tower of the World Trade Center.  She arrived at the base in time to see the second plane hit the second tower precisely where her office complex is located in that tower.

Why was President Bush flown to this base?  Why was Warren Buffet there prior to the attack?  Why was the very person who manages the office that took a direct hit from the second plane also there -- having been en route at the time the attacks commenced?  Why was she escorted from her plane by military personnel to a room with a television where she then viewed the second plane smash into her office?

Other Items and Other Complicit Individuals

Many other aspects of the events of September 11 as they pertain to President Bush also deserve similar investigation; and these too should receive the proper punishment under the U.S. Constitution.

Furthermore, President Bush did not act alone.  The many others, elected and civilian, who are also complicit to this tragedy must also be held appropriately accountable and punished commensurate with their crime.


These various matters each demand thorough investigation, and the results of those investigations should carry with them the appropriate punishments, especially to the extent that charges of treason and conspiracy are proven.

Let the U.S. House of Representatives indict, the Senate impeach, with the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court presiding, per the U.S. Constitution.  If they fail in this adjudication, then let the recalls begin and clean house top to bottom.

We present the following clear points as substance for the charge of high treason.

A. President Bush knew the gravity of the attack taking place.

B. President Bush did not cancel his planned mundane activity at a time when doing so was clearly indicated.

C. By purposely engaging in a trivial activity when he should have been issuing the necessary command to thwart additional attacks, he enabled those attacks to take place.

D. He knew that delaying the necessary command would enable the attacks to succeed.

E. The attacks were a profound assault on the country, rising to the level of a de facto act of war, whether or not Congress would later officially declare war in response.

F. President Bush thus facilitated the enemy in a war-level attack on the United States.

G. President Bush has been citing the war on terrorism as an excuse to remove fundamental freedoms once protected by the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights, moving the country closer to a tyrannical police state.

Documentation and Updates

The following index has been prepared to host a listing of relevant documentation and updates regarding this charge of treason against President Bush. 

Support documents are found readily through searches on the internet using and other search engines and directories.

The keyword that this document in particular includes, for back-up copies and indexes is "Bush911Treason."


In signing this document, we are expressing our understanding to the best of our current awareness.  We realize that there can be extenuating circumstances or situations of which we are not aware that can change our perception and understanding.  At this time, based on the information available to us up until this point, which we believe to be credible, as well as necessary and sufficient to establish the case, we sign this document as true and factual.