Consumers Rights for Quality Products

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    Jeff Fettit, CEO of Whirlpool Corp.
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As consumers, we felt we were purchasing a top of the line washing machine. We are finding out after owning and using it for a minimum of twelve months, that this machine has a manufacturing defect in the main computer of the machine! For a machine of this caliber, the manufacturer is not standing behind the product. Many of us have purchased this machine and after owning for less than two years, an error code of F1 and F51 is displayed. Some consumers have opted to receive help from appliance repair technicians, only to find out that they did not know what the root of the problem was. After repeated phone calls and emails to the Whirlpool Corporation, consumers are left dissatisfied. Whirlpool has claimed to know nothing about the problem, like it doesnt exist. People who have looked into repairing this problem have received various offers, such as free parts plus labor costs or a 50\% discount off the price of the part. Some consumers are finding after paying this added expense, the problem is still occurring. This is a serious problem that has occurred often enough that Whirlpool should recall the parts involved or the entire machine. Let it be known that this problem has also occurred in the Kenmore Elite Oasis machine, and may also happen in other machines using the same components. It is up to them to stand behind their product whether a warranty is in effect or not, when the problem occurs within a five year time frame since purchase.