Release Rights to "Carrie the Musical"

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    Lawrence Cohen, Dean Pitchford, and Michael Gore
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This petition involves the musical "Carrie" written by Lawrence Cohen, Dean Pitchford, and Michael Gore.

In the 80s, a Broadway musical was written based on the novel "Carrie" by Stephen King. The book was written by Lawrence Cohen (Who also wrote the screenplay to the film starring Sissy Spasek), lyrics by Dean Pitchford (of Footloose and Fame fame), and music by Michael Gore (of Fame fame). It took many years and a lot reworkings of the script, but the show was picked up by the Royal Shakespeare Company who had just mounted the musical mega-hit Les Miserables.

The show opened at the Stratford Theater in England where it got mixed reviews and audience reactions. After a brief run, the show closed and was headed for Broadway. The show opened in New York with even more revisions and critics were ruthless. Audience reaction to the show was also mixed. You either hated it or you loved it. The show closed after only 5 performances, never to be heard from again. (Except for the special performances done at Stagedoor Manor and Emerson College).

Since that time, the show has recieved a rather large cult following. Bootleg audio and video recordings of the show along with copies of the script and score have floated around for 15 years. It is believed that if the show had not closed so abruptly, it might have found an audience. Many people who have come to love the show believe this and wish that they could produce their very own production of it. Unfortunately, the performance rights are not available.

This is a petition to the authors of "Carrie" to release the rights to this wonderful musical. Many people would be very interested in mounting their own productions of it. The critics were harsh, yes. But that's all in the past now. Many people don't even know or remember that "Carrie" existed.

If you think that the performance rights to "Carrie the Musical" should be released to both amature and professional theater companies, please sign this petition.

Thank you!