Cavs Fans to Keep Sonics in Seattle

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    Dan Gilbert, Owner, Cleveland Cavaliers
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    Cleveland Cavaliers Fans
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Dear Mr. Gilbert,

On Friday April 19th, you will join other NBA owners and vote on Clay Bennett's proposal to relocate the Seattle SuperSonics franchise in Oklahoma City. Less than a month ago, a subcommittee of three owners visited Oklahoma City and recommended league approval.

We the undersigned strongly urge you to vote against the proposed measure. We have dealt with having a storied sports franchise ripped from our city recently and words cannot describe the feeling that each and everyone of us had.

Mr. Gilbert, you can join Mark Cuban who has said, "I'm going to wait to get all the information, (but) my preference is the Sonics stay in Seattle. My prejudice is against having a Dustbowl Division in this part of the country because I don't think in the big picture that helps the NBA and I think the bigger market helps the NBA. My prejudice is to vote them in but like everything else in the NBA, (the vote) will be 29-1."

Your vote counts Mr. Gilbert, make it count for the fans in Seattle.