Cowboy Bebop PS2 Game - Release It In The U.S.

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Cowboy Bebop is such a great series,
and we fans would like to see the Cowboy Bebop video game
released in the US.

We've been anxiously waiting for this game ever since
it was announced at E3 2004.

It's already been out in Japan since August 2005,
and even if it didn't do well there, that doesn't mean the US won't LOVE it.
There's plenty of Japanese entertainment that doesn't do well at all in Japan, but does very well in the United States !
Millions of low quality "cookie-cutter" anime games seem
to pop up everywhere and not many of them are good.
Cowboy Bebop deserves to have a video game in the US.
and we fans are waiting for it

It would be disappointing to not see the
PlayStation 2 game released.

We fans would like Namco-Bandai to release the Cowboy Bebop game
in North America !