Bring Legal Action to and All their Hackers

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    Federal Bureau of Investigation
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The [g00ns] are a hacking organization which focuses on the destruction and devastation of numerous online functions. Whether it is online gaming clans, organizations, or individual users, complaints against the [g00ns] are abundant.

As such, I propose the signing of this petition to represent the quantity of those affected. If you have been affected one way or another by the hacking group located at please sign this petition to let us and the proper authorities know about it.

The only way to get the federal authorities of the United States to focus their energy against hackers that do not attack large corporations, but rather, cause mayhem on a civilian level is to expose them as a true thorn to society. With enough signatures, we can make a big enough deal out of the [g00ns] and have their whole group taken to court and prosecuted under federal law.

If convicted, they could serve 25-year prison sentences or greater, and be fined over $300,000 based upon how much disturbance they have been causing.

So please, I implore you to sign this petition validating that they, in fact, do need to be punished.