Captain Doug Jowett

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    Maine Department of Marine Resources
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The following people request the State of Maine Department of Marine Resources to adopt the below striped bass fishing regulations to be instituted for the 2010 fishing season.

Bag and Size Limits:
1. One fish at 36 or greater and elimination of the slot fish limit; this provision to be reviewed in time to be revised for the 2013 fishing season should the fishery show significant recovery
- The current slot fish limit has allowed too many young fish to be killed
- The 36 minimum limit only approach worked to restore stocks after our last striped bass fishery crash

Legal Fishing Methods:
1. Bait fishing with circle hooks only Exception: Surgical tubing trolling rigs tipped with worm shall be considered artificial lures for the purposes of this regulation
2. Fishing with artificial lures and multiple hooks
3. Fly fishing
- Measures should be taken to reduce inadvertent striper kill
- These provisions are as enforceable as existing Kennebec River Special Regulations and even without full enforcement, will reduce inadvertent striper kill

Special Gill Net Regulations for Maine waters West of Stonington:
1. The licensed fisherman must tend all gill net sets and all sets must be pulled back every four hours and all striped bass immediately released
- Enforcement of the current gill net law isnt working. Gill net sets are being left overnight regularly, resulting in the needless death of smaller striped bass

All current Kennebec River Special Regulations to remain in place.