Appeal for Caffeine Free Chocolate

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    Chocolate Confectioners
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In recent years, manufacturers of a wide array of foods have taken note of the health risks associated with many of the items they produce. Items branded with low fat, fat free, low sugar, sugar free, reduced carb, low carb, no carb, and many other slogans have promoted better alternatives to the unhealthy foods companies had been making for years. The chocolate industry is no different, offering many of the aforementioned options to health-conscious chocoholics. We, however, feel that you, the confectioners of chocolate, have neglected a major group of peoplethe people who are not permitted to consume caffeine.

Other manufacturers, namely coffee and tea companies, have developed a decaffeination process to negate all but a small fraction of the caffeine from their products. Soda manufacturers also offer caffeine free choices for traditionally caffeinated products. Many people suffer from gastrointestinal maladies that only worsen with caffeine. People stricken with insomnia, high blood pressure, or anxiety are told to avoid consumption of caffeine, and pregnant women are also advised to stay away from it. By offering caffeine free or decaffeinated products, beverage makers have been able to provide people more options to enjoy the products they love without the threats to their systems.

While there will clearly be an expense associated with the process, we feel as though those of us who are deprived of chocolate would gladly pay a premium for a decaffeinated or caffeine free selection of chocolate that offers us the same great taste but without all or most of the caffeine. White chocolate is currently your only option, and it does not taste anything like milk or dark chocolate. Many chocolate lovers do not consider white chocolate to be a viable alternative to chocolate. We urge you, the chocolate confectioners, to put forth research and development dollars to determine a means by which you can accommodate this large group of consumers by manufacturing caffeine free or decaffeinated chocolate. You already produce low carb, sugar free, and low sugar alternatives. These products are not your bestsellers, yet you continue to offer them because they allow chocolate to reach more people. We, the undersigned, encourage you to develop caffeine free or decaffeinated chocolate, so that those of us who miss this wonderful confection can experience it again without damage to our bodies.