Keep Covance Out Of Chandler

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    Chandler AZ Mayor and Council
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To: Mayor Boyd W. Dunn and The Chandler City Council

As residents of neighboring communities, we oppose Covance building an animal testing laboratory in Chandler. Covance has been accused of hundreds of violations of the Animal Welfare Act. Covance, as the largest importer of primates from foreign sources, has the potential of putting residents at risk of a biohazard. In 1989, at Covances Reston, VA facility, Hazleton Labs, there was an outbreak of EBOLA, which required the lab to be sealed by the CDC and the primates to be destroyed. There were two subsequent outbreaks, one in Philadelphia and then another in Reston. Furthermore, there are no laws against Pound Seizure in the State of Arizona. Consequently, the introduction of a lab, such as Covance, risks the increase of pet-napping for profit.

We will avoid patronizing Chandler businesses, should Covance be permitted to build their facility. We will be determined to make Covance detrimental to Chandlers economy.

Covance represents the opposite of the values on which Chandler was built. There are many reputable companies that would be welcomed by Chandler and area residents. We request that Covances application to rezone and build be denied. Covance in Chandler would be nothing short of disgraceful.