Cherrybomb Brazilian Distribution

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To Brazilian Film Distributors

We, the undersigned, urge you to distribute the film Cherrybomb in Brazil. We present you with signatures from people all over the country who want this film in their local theaters. We come together as fans of Rupert Grint, of independent cinema and, most of all, of Cherrybomb. Rupert Grint, star of the Harry Potter films, plays the lead role in Cherrybomb. However, it is not solely Harry Potter fans who are interested in this film. Many websites that publish features on Cherrybomb are saturated with comments from movie-goers who are eager to see the film. The trailer has captured the attention of both teenagers as well as adults. Critics are noticing that Rupert Grint completely shakes off his trademark Ron Weasley persona from the Harry Potter movies. Industry professionals are hailing the great performances by the leading actors, as well as the skillful and impressive direction of the film.

Cherrybomb's focus is a quest for a new identity, seen through the eyes of a rampant teenage culture. The film is visually beautiful and fast paced, with an award-nominated soundtrack, offering a complete cinematic experience. Distributors like yourself should not be surprised to learn that audiences in Brazil are hungry to see Cherrybomb in their local theaters and movie houses. We will support your efforts to bring this film to its audience.