"Hot 'n Spicy" chex mix recipe change

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    General Mills
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General Mills used to have a quality product in its "Hot 'n Spicy" Chex Mix. The mix included corn chex, wheat chex, pretzels shaped like the letters H, O, and T, pepper-shaped cheese crackers, rye chips, and bread twists. However, recently, General Mills changed their product. They removed the H, O, and T pretzels, replacing them with a generic shaped pretzel. The pepper shaped cheese crackers were changed to a simple triangle. Both of these changes were probably to be more efficient with materials. However, looks were not the only thing that changed. The mix now reeks and tastes of jalapeсo oil. I personally cannot stand this new recipe, but I understand that some people may like it. So, by signing this petition you are asking General Mills to change the current Hot n Spicy mixs name to Jalapeсo Chex Mix, and bring the old recipe for Hot n Spicy Chex Mix back. This makes people who liked the old kind and people who like the new kind happy.