Childfree Sections In North Carolina Restaurants

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    North Carolina Restauranteurs
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WE, the childless and childfree people of the United States, hereby request that there be childfree sections set aside in your bars and restaurants immediately. Just as no-smoking sections offer non-smokers the option of dining without being forced to breathe cigarette and/or cigar smoke, we feel there should also be childfree sections where patrons can enjoy their dining experience in a peaceful, relaxing, and relatively quiet environment. People dine out in part for the ambiance it provides. That ambiance is lost when a child is crying and screaming or running around the restaurant unsupervised by his or her parents. Since consumers without children have more disposable income, spend more per person on drinks and food at each dining experience, and dine out more often than do people with children, we feel that now is the right time to implement these special sections. People without children, whether they are single or in a committed relationship, are a major economic power, and we know you want to please your patrons so that they return. We respectfully ask that you honor our request and designate childfree sections in your restaurants.

This petition is signed not only by the childless and childfree who reside in North Carolina, but all over the country, as people without children travel significantly more than do people with children, and one day may decide in their travels to dine in North Carolina.

*NOTE: This petition does not apply to fast-food restaurants, long known as the bastions of children worldwide. We are focusing our request only on higher-end and upscale restaurants, places where adults should be able to enjoy each others company without interruptions.

You may also sign this petition if you are a parent who desires childfree sections in restaurants.