Bring Back Chicken Littles

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    Kentucky Fried Chicken
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We request that "Chicken Littles" be brought back to the menu at Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) restaurants across the globe. Chicken Littles have been absent from the menu at KFC for some time now, and we feel that bringing them back to the menu would be a wise move for the restaurant.

Though they may have been nothing more than bread, mayonnaise, and chicken, Chicken Littles were loved by children and adults alike. We feel as though we are not asking for much. A simple request to add another item to the menu that was not only a part of the selection in the past, but was a very popular one at that should be one that KFC can execute quite easily.

Hopefully, by bringing this to your attention, we can get you to realize the popularity of a snack removed from your restaurant.