Keep Cindy Day off of Television.

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This is a formal petition to keep Cindy Day from broadcasting the weather on CTV's Live at Five program. We are merely asking that CTV move her broadcast to later in the evening, or ideally late at night, so that her sheer manliness and ugliness will no longer be able to ruin supper for any Canadian family.

For too long we have been forced to stare at this creature from beyond the depths of hell and we can not take it any longer. On more than one occasion I, like many other Canadians, have had to eat their delicious nutritious family supper, consisting of Kraft Dinner and fried bologna, next to a bucket. This was because of the likelyhood of Cindy Day's disfigured grotesque appearence gracing our television screens causing us to either void our bowels in disgust or simply vomit in our mouths.

No longer shall the good people of Canada suffer through this injustice. We demand that every Canadian, be them child or adult, be able to enjoy a meal without the fear of of Ms. Day's unsettling image haunting their nightmares.