Save the Calvert Beagles

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    Charles B. Spainhour, CEO of Calvert Preclinical Services, Inc. and Russell C. McLauchlan, Chair & CEO of Calvert Holdings, Inc.
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A group of beagles, known as the "Calvert 48", has in the past been used as experimental subjects for Calvert Preclinical Services, Inc. Now that the beagles are of no use to Calvert, they have been advertised in a science journal as "free". People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) heard of this and called Calvert and offered to find loving homes for the dogs, but Charles Spainhour, CEO of Calvert, gave various excuses not to let PETA have the beagles.
Spainhour now claims that the beagles have been placed in good homes. If they have gone anywhere, it is likely that they reside in a breeding facility, or "puppy mill", with their offspring being sold as vivisection subjects.
As you can see, Calvert obviously does not care in the slightest about animal welfare. These dogs should be relocated to good homes, not kept solely to breed. These beagles have already suffered enough.
By signing this petition, you agree that Calvert should hand these dogs over to PETA for rehabilitation and finding them caring homes.