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Demand for Apology from CNN and Situation Room

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    CNN and Situation Room
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    Legal Immigrant Association
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We are truly stunned and shocked by a recent racist and hatred remark on the Chinese people by your news commentator Jack Cafferty. In Situation Room aired on April 9th, Cafferty charged the Chinese people with a highly despicable assault by saying, "They (Chinese) are basically the same bunch goons and thugs they have been in the past fifty years." (

It's not common to witness such a blatant discrimination against an ethnic group of people with such a derogatory connotation in a national TV program. We believe his remark clearly exposed his hatred and bigotry against Chinese people as a whole. Without doubt, many people feel hurt, especially, the Chinese people, by this shameless assault.

Cafferty's hatred speech has been recorded and uploaded to Youtube. So far the click rate is approaching ten thousand. People from around the world have left comments condemning his vile remark.

As a leading organization of legal immigrants mainly comprised of people from China, we strongly condemn Jack Cafferty's racist remarks and urge CNN to take immediate action against him. We also demand an official apology from CNN to all Chinese people. We would reserve our right to take further actions on this matter.