Short is Beautiful - Canada's Next Top Model height restriction

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    Canada's Next Top Model producers and CityTV
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CityTV is currently holding auditions for their upcoming show "Canada's Next Top Model" - a takeoff on the American version. The application form states that they are looking for a "variety" of body types among applicants, but contains only one hard-fast restriction: Women measuring less than 5'7" (170cm) need not apply.

We, the undersigned, believe that the modeling and fashion industries are already discriminatory enough towards petite and average-height women. While plus-sized models are becoming more accepted on the runway, petite women still face enormous challenges in society.

We call upon CityTV and the show's producers to reverse this policy and open applications for "Canada's Next Top Model" to women of all heights. We urge them to refuse to perpetuate this discrimination that is so rampant in the beauty and fashion industries, and to send a clear statement: SHORT IS BEAUTIFUL!