Change the name of 'Veggie Monster' back to 'Cookie Monster'

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Cookie Monster, a beloved character of the long-running childrens show Sesame Street on PBS, has undergone a name change to Veggie Monster, after parents argued that Cookie Monster promoted childhood obesity.
This petition isnt just to change a name back. This petition is to reverse the wave- no, the tsunami, of politically correct change happening in the world today.
Theres been a lot of talk about obesity. First, it was suing Mcdonalds for making the suing party fat. Those claims, of course, failed. Now, those who never got their money from failed Mcdonalds lawsuits needed an easier target. Mcdonalds, a multi-billion dollar corporation, was a tough nut to crack. On the other hand, PBS and Sesame Street, supported by viewers like you? not so hard. So the parents launched a campaign, saying that Cookie Monster was not politically correct in todays world of growing waistlines.
Is anything sacred anymore? Every day now, it seems frivolous things are being altered so that no parties would be offended. Changing the peach colored crayons name from skin color was one thing. Thinking that a puppet is going to make millions of small children fat? Another. Its time to reverse this growing trend, and you, PBS, can do just that.
Change the name back. We all got carried away here. Children are attracted to cookies, whether a furry creature likes them or not. Likewise, if they see Veggie Monster devouring heads of lettuce, children wont be inclined to change their diet to more greens. Its the parents job to monitor a kids diet by substituting sweets for healthier foods. Its not their job to alter loved traditions on PBS shows.
In the end, while a select few parents were happy with the name switch, millions of others are mourning the tragic loss of our furry blue friend to the politically correct wave thats sweeping the nation. But, if we remember our kids cartoons and movies, no good guy character ever dies for good, and its not too late to bring Cookie Monster back from the dead. The power is in your hands, PBS. Its time to use it.

-Ned Burchfiel
[email protected]