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During the US National Cyclocross Championships held in Kansas City on December 14-16 several categories of Masters racers were deprived of their right to a full and fair competition because the poor actions and decisions of USA Cycling. This petition is asking USA Cycling to remedy the situation in all future Championships.

On Saturday Dec. 15 the following categories were run on the course at the same time: Masters 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70+. Because of the vast differences in abilities the faster 50-54 category began lapping the older categories within the first lap. At that time all lapped riders were ordered off the course, many before they had completed more than a single lap.

For those not aware there is nothing in the UCI or USAC rule books that state that riders have to be pulled that have been passed by the leader. The course is (3) three meters wide, (9.82 feet) for a specific reason, to allow passing by other riders.

USA Cycling and the event promoter had been advised in advance that the potential for this problem was very high. Officials on the scene asked for a rescheduling of all categories older than 60 years to alleviate this problem but USA Cycling refused to take action. As a result, many racers were not allowed to complete the full distance.

USA Cycling later rescheduled all 60+ categories to race the following day but no effort was made to publicize this race. As a result, many racers traveled home or were unable to change travel times so that they could compete.

With the explosive growth of cyclocross in the last few seasons it is time for USA Cycling to initiate steps to make the competition more fair.

The undersigned ask that USA Cycling conduct a full study of the incidents in Kansas City with a goal of preventing similar scenarios in the future including:
Assign the start times and group age categories in a manner so as to prevent intermingling of wide abilities whether they are Junior or Masters racers.
Develop guidelines to prevent large field sizes that are not suitable for national championship courses.

In addition we ask USA Cycling to issue their findings and recommendations publicly in the next 60 days.