Preventing Cruelty to KFC Chickens

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It came to my attention not long ago of the Cruelty that KFC was inflicting on their chickens. It made me sick to think this was happening, and I have put this petition together to help stop this horrendous cruelty from continuing to happen.

A worker from the Tyson Plant in Grannis, Ark. reported these conditions to the People for the Ethical Treatment to Animals (PETA). They have now taken up this case as the one of most concern, and are doing everything in their power to stop this from happening.

These chickens suffer a lot. These birds are killed in the most un-humane ways, and may people forget that just like us, they can feel pain.

They can be blown apart by dry ice bombs and intentionally scolded to death in hundreds, let alone having their legs broken to fit into shackles.

Tyson foods is the top supplier of chicken to KFC, therefore they are being targeted firstly, but the aim is to eventually have laws passed against such treatment.

Their first request is to have electrical stunning and throat slicing replaced with gas killing, as this is far less painful and stressful for the chickens.

Their second request is to have camera's installed in slaughterhouses, to ensure these standards are inforced, and have regular unscheduled inspections.

They also are requesting for mechanical handling for less pain and stress, along with setting up shelves and rooves for them, to produce healthier, less-agressive birds.

I have only touched on what actually happens, and this is only to the chickens. There are also issues with pigs, cows, calves and many other animals. For more information visit

Please sign this petition, so as to help these poor animals. Your time is much appreciated.