Counter-Strike ESRB Rating

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Counter-Strike players everywhere are outraged that ESRB have given Counter-Strike Source a rating of M for Mature. Already millions of minors have protested that the rating should be changed to T for Teen, because if it has a rating of Mature, then in competitions such as CPL or WCG, only players 17 or over are allowed to play. That means that half the Counter-Strike players in the world arent allowed to play in such competitions because they are under the age of 17. This petition states that ESRB reconsiders the rating for all Counter-Strike games. If ESRB changes the rating down to Teen, then the competitive spirit between players and clans would increase and more teams will participate in competitions such as the CPL tournaments. Counter-Strike is an already growing sport but if minors were allowed to play during tournaments Counter-Strike could become a great sport in which the championships would be looked forward to by the world.