We want Counter Strike: Source back!

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I, Xiatrix, will represent the Counter Strike Source players as I make this petition to get CSS the way it once was!

Let me present the facts.

1 - The removed Minigames, Jailbreak, and our custom content that we loved so dearly!

2 - They removed the awesome ragdoll, and replaced it with an animation of the model getting down with his hands on his head. WTF????

3 - They put the maximum Tickrate to 66. No more smooth gameplay.

4 - They removed Lua, so that hackers alike cannot anymore have fun with the game. For this statement, you will tell me that "Hackers are Bad." Not all hackers are bad! Most hackers simply want to have fun writing scripts and using them. Who is Valve to take that right away from them?

We need you to sign this petition, and get your friends to sign it! Let Valve know that the gamers want better than what they've given us! THEY WANT THEIR GAME BACK!