Outraged Current and Future ATi customers who want/will want the option of the old control panel back.

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It's time to boycott purchases of ATi products until the old control panel is brought back. We want the option of the old control panel back.

I am an outraged customer of a Sapphire ATI Radeon 9500 Pro. The last set of drivers to support the old (good) control panel has disappeared in Catalyst drivers 5.12 and 5.13 and you are forced to use the CATALYST .net Control Panel. Bring back the old control panel.

Catalyst 5.11 drivers were the last to be bundled with the old control panel. At least with 5.11, there was an option between the old control panel and the new CATALYST .net control panel.

The new Catalyst Control Center, is

1. Slow

2. Memory hogging

3. Unresponsive

4. Crash prone

5. Requires the Microsoft .net Framework which is a 23.1MB download from microsoft

6. Takes longer to download than the old control panel.

7. Loads unneccary processes to your system (CLI.exe) which can't be disabled anywhere in the new Control Panel, no for reason at all CLI.exe is loaded twice.

8. Killing CLI.exe process, the new Control Panel does not load at all, no error message or anything.

9. CLI.exe required by the new Control Panel, This increases boot time, and memory usage while it is not in use.

Signing this petition is telling ATi to cut the crap and give us the old control panel back.

I was considering upgrading my graphics card, and ATi has forced my hand to go to Nvidia unless of course the old control back comes back.