Hire Steve Stone as cubs G.M.

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Jim Hendrey should be fired as cubs general manager and Steve stone hired as general manager with full control of spending up to the luxury tax mark of 117 million dollars.

The cubs even with the sellout crowds and new bleachers are not putting money back into the team. They are spending less than 100 million despite having some of the best attendance in the major leagues. If given full control Steve Stone would be able to get more players for their team.

Jim Hendrey does not know how to assemble a good team. Even though Kerry Wood and Mark Prior have injury problems and Jerome Williams is untested Jim Hendrey did not go out and get a starting pitcher even though A.J. Burnett who was a free agent or Josh Beckett was on the trade block. Jaque Jones was signed on even though his career was on the downswing and he had two straight sub 300 seasons. He has Neifi Perez, Jerry Harriston Jr. and Todd walker all on the team for second base. He was unable to decide on who was the starter even though Todd walker was the better player hands down. These inabilities made the cubs not able to put any of these players on the trading block.

Dusty baker is not a good manager. He will not play young talent even if they are greatly better than old veterans. Last year Matt Murton came up from double A and was hitting over .300. Todd Hollandsworth was .254 for the year. Todd Hollandsworth was still played over Matt Murton until he was traded. He tried to make Latroy Hawkins his closer even though he did not have the mentality to be one. That eventually kept the cubs out of the playoffs by all his blown saves in the begging of the year and severely ruined Hawkin's confidence from which he still hasn't recovered. Dusty also played Jose Macias in center field even though he does not have the speed or ability to play center. If Steve Stone was put on as G.M. he would hire a manager with incredible knowledge and understanding of the game.

Steve Stone knows more about baseball than anybody else. With his time as the color man for the cubs tv broadcast it was apparant that he knew more about fundamentals than the people in charge of the orginazation. He also has a better eye for talent. Steve Stone will make sure he gets players who have the ability to talk walks, which the current team does not.
In all the cubs would greatly benefit from making Steve Stone the g.m.