Against the Killing of Animals Under the Pretext of Hygiene

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    Agri-food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore
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With the advent of SARS, the Singapore Government has initiated a series of measures under the Ok Singapore campaign to increase the cleanliness level of the country.

However, one of the measures involves the removal and killing of stray animals. Indirectly, this is a move that is initiated by the fear of SARS or any exotic disease being spread by the strays

Medically there is no evidence to date of animals like cats, dogs, stray or domesticated, spreading SARS to humans, as confirmed by the WHO and many esteemed professionals in this field

Moreover, the strays are healthy, and consistently maintained by volunteers long before the onslaught of SARS, and they continue to be well looked after. There has not been reports of diseases transmitted by these animals all this while

As such, we strongly object to and protest the unfounded and paranoid basis of such actions resulting in the death of thousands of animal lives