Doom 3 for the Nintendo Wii.

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We fellow gamers of the Nintendo Wii would appreciate it if id software would port the Doom series' installment, "Doom 3" to the Wii. I believe it would be an amazing gaming experience due to the fact of motion gaming and finally having another installment to a Nintendo platform after so many years of not having one. Imagine the game on the Wii with it's motion technology, being able to swing the chainsaw by using a wiimote and the realistic aiming with weapons. It would bring alot of joy to others that don't own an Xbox and porting it wouldn't be difficult, because the Wii is able to handle such a game. Also, it would be nice if it's online enabled. Having another chance to play Doom 3 online once again, but using the Wii's motion technology. Once again, it would be an amazing experience for everyone. Just please, port this installment to the Wii.
Hopefully, others will agree.