DAMNATUS - Wh40k Fan Films Forbidden

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Four years ago a group of German Warhammer 40,000 fans began producing a non-profit fan film called DAMNATUS (www.damnatus.com).

Now publication of it has been forbidden because it seems that it is not possible for Games Workshop to gain full control over it in case of doubt. This is due to the German legal system which provides artists with irrevocable rights to their creation.

After several months of endeavors by Games Workshop's Legal team to solve the issue by an agreement between both sides, this was now decided at highest levels. It was also decided to amend the IP Policy of Games Workshop to forbid fan films in general.

We urge these implied 'highest levels' to reconsider their decision and allow the publication of DAMNATUS as well as the creation of future films by us fans.

We cannot support the deadening of a whole art form because of a complicated legal situation. Other franchises, like Star Trek and Star Wars, have been able to come to terms with such issues and arguably benefit greatly from the media attention paid to popular fan productions.

The Emperor Protects!